• Design and layout: Microsoft Office, iWork, Google Docs, InDesign, Photoshop
  • Web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, MailChimp, Squarespace
  • Software development: object-oriented programming, Java, Python, SQL
  • Automation: scripting, MacOS Automator and iOS Shortcuts
  • Computer technologies: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, networking
  • Digital communication: web conferencing, social media platforms
  • Hardware: troubleshooting, networking, computer repair


  • Tutoring: strength and weakness identification, personalized feedback
  • Academic knowledge: mathematics, science, computer science
  • General knowledge: computer literacy, writing and grammar
  • Student relations: relaxed and individualized approach, supportive encouragement


  • Promotion: social media, mailing lists, Eventbrite
  • Volunteer management: training, scheduling, and delegation
  • Stage management: liaising with speakers and performers, set and green room maintenance
  • Logistics: setup and teardown, handling giveaways and sponsor materials
  • Technology: audio-visual system troubleshooting, registration systems

Problem Solving

  • Project management: stakeholder, goal, and opportunity analysis; road map development
  • Data analysis: Google Forms, Excel, statistical regression
  • Time management: task triage and tracking, delegation, Trello
  • Organization: file management, Dropbox, Google Docs and Drive
  • Troubleshooting: fast learning, critical thinking, excellent Google-fu